Registered Address: Havant Methodist Church, Pastoral Centre, Petersfield Road, Havant PO9 2HU

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HPP Ltd are running a 100 club to raise funds for the next production.

By joining the 100 club you can help us reach our target funds of £20,000 minimum for the next production.

The HPP 100 Club is a private lottery and is open to all members of HPP, friends of HPP, their family and friends.  As a private lottery you have to be invited to join, you will be allocated a number and your tickets, which are £5 each, are not transferable.

We held the first 100 club draw in December 2016 and a second one in March 2017.

The HPP100 Club July Draw was made on 31st July and the lucky winners were first prize Mrs Dempsey, no. 52, second prize Mrs Eastwick, no 95 and third prize Mrs Ewing, no 48.They shared 50% of the pot which was £245, leaving £122.50 for HPP funds.

Whilst we have achieved our minimum funds target, unforeseen expenses may occur and we would welcome any further donations you feel able to make.

Full details and the application form to join the HPP 100 Club can be found here

An invitation to join the HPP Ltd 100 Club

Make a Donation

There are several ways you can donate towards the vision of a second Passion Play for Havant.

Cheques can be sent to the registered office on the Contact Us page.

On line donations can be made at BTMyDonate.

Read our news letters here.

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